Linux Tips and Howtos

Linux tips and Howtos that I gathered over the years. Some of them might be old, so do your research. Some of them can be destructive, so be careful. Some of these saved me allot of time and disk space. Enjoy Tar/ssh files example: 1 ´╗┐tar zcvf - /u01/ | ssh root@ "cat > /OVS/backup/erpprd_apps_1450_16022011.tar.gz" and to restore 1 2 cd /youlocation ssh root@ "cat /OVS/backup/erpprd_apps_1450_16022011.tar.gz" | tar zxvf - Tar/ssh sparse files example: Example 1:

Doom Tips and Howtos

Tips for DOOM, might also work in spacemacs, most of these tips is from the DOOM discord server. Copy and Paste related To copy from a certain buffer SPC-i-r to insert form the evil-register or Select text you want to replace, "0p . The 0 is the evil register that you want to paste. More at evil-register To copy word or word with special characters viW or vio Search and Replace evil-multiedit, one at a time Stand in text, M-d for one word at a time going down or M-D for one word at a time going up.