Doom Tips and Howtos

Tips for DOOM, might also work in spacemacs, most of these tips is from the DOOM discord server.

To copy from a certain buffer

SPC-i-r to insert form the evil-register


Select text you want to replace, "0p . The 0 is the evil register that you want to paste. More at evil-register

To copy word or word with special characters

viW or vio

Search and Replace

evil-multiedit, one at a time

Stand in text, M-d for one word at a time going down or M-D for one word at a time going up. /images/doom_tips_howto/altdaltD.gif

evil-multiedit, all in file

Select text, R /images/doom_tips_howto/R.gif

Swiper search and replace in project

Search for text, SPC-s-p. Enter swiper edit, C-c C-e. Edit and save, C-c C- c or quit, C-c C-k /images/doom_tips_howto/swiper_sr.gif

Incrementally replace a given string

Either use replace-regexp or anzu-query-replace-regexp, regex is: 0\,(1+ \#)

Move Lines

With drag-stuff function

Select the line, M up or down arrow /images/doom_tips_howto/movelines.gif

Straight to root for tramp


Cycle between buffers

SPC-b-l or C-6 or SPC-`

Evil move copy or delete the fast way

You can put eithe y(copy), d(delete) or c(change) in front to speed things up, gs h|j|k

Newline without entering insert mode

[ SPC above and ] SPC below

Safe file without leader key in Doom

C-x C-s

Kill buffer without leader key in Doom


Useful controle keys without leader key


Spacemacs gotcha

Install the following fonts on arch linux


Center current line to center of screen


Shortcut keys for ivy pop-up buffer

C-v when you want to paste in the ivy pop-up buffer.

C-u when you want to clear the line in the ivy pop-up buffer.

All your key-bindings in one place

SPC-h-b-b for all you key-bindings

Change upper or lower case

gU for upper-case and gu for lower-case, g~ to toggle between.